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"Named one of America's Top Magicians"

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Don’t just book a magician for your your big event, book Chicago’s #1 family entertainer and make this a memory everyone will cherish forever.
Video taping is highly encouraged. 


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Live Bunny Rabbit 

Rabbit in a Hat
Elementary School 

"Make your next Event Unforgettable"

The crazy, funny, amazing man known as The Amazing Tim Adamz the Magician!

Specializing exclusively in entertaining families, Amazing Tim is Chicago's funniest full-time family' magician. family -focused experience counts when choosing entertainment for your special occasion, and Amazing Tim is the children's party pro, performing at hundreds of events annually (over 4000 shows and counting!) . Year after year, his show is the preferred choice for local libraries, schools, daycares, summer camps, resorts, civic groups and families who know they can count on his unmatched professionalism and guaranteed entertainment value.


You will never hear kids laugh like this anywhere else! From start to finish, young audiences are engaged and entertained by Tim's silly antics, amazing magic and extensive use of audience participation. The kids will also love the chance to meet Thumper the Rabbit after the show.


Birthday parties are a specialty and Amazing Tim makes planning easy for busy parents. He offers several birthday party packages that are value-priced and can include great options like balloon animal twisting or a magic lesson with magic kit goodie boxes after the show. Programs can be tailored for maximum impact for any age group 3-up. Just click on the Birthday Parties tab for full details, including pricing.


No other Chicago magician offers a better performance for kids...guaranteed!


Elementary School 
Birthday Party
Adult Shows

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Looking To Hire A Magician in Chicago?
Here's some tips on planning a kids or adults party or event:

Chicago magicians – Why should I hire one for birthday party?


So you are all set to organize a grand birthday party for your kid. Have you included something to entertain your kid and his friends? Is there something that would keep the kids on their toes for a long period of time? If no, then you must think of something that will provide maximum amount of thrill to your kid and all the guests. What would be a better option than hiring a magician? Yes, hire the best magician in Chicago and you will see the difference with your own eyes. Children love magicians. Chicago is widely known for a wide variety of unique magic tricks played by some of the famous magicians. So what are you waiting for? Hire the best child’s magician in Chicago and you would feel proud of your decision later.


If you are still not convinced, here are some of the best tricks and magic ideas, Chicago magicians will set into make your kids’ birthday party rock:

a)      The reversed card:

A favorite trick of most Chicago magicians, this trick is also loved by most Chicago residents. The trick includes selecting a card and then placing it back into the deck. Thereafter, one needs to bring it out again. This time, the selected card is displayed reversed.

b)     The impassable corks:

The children at your kids’ birthday party will love this trick and even like to watch it again and again. It involves the Chicago magician holding two corks interlocked and then pulling them through each other. It is a super fast trick and a visual treat, especially to the children.

c)      The thumb trick:

It is an old magic trick and played by most local Chicago magicians for parties and birthday kids. This is also a superb trick and loved by kids. It includes pulling a thumb and then putting it back into place.

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