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"School Assemblies that are filled with Fun, Magic and Learning"

My programs are all filled with FUN, MAGIC, and LEARNING.  Your students will be highly ENGAGED during my interactive programs that focus on topics that are relevant to your curriculum needs.

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Say "No" Magic Program

Image by Jon Tyson

The say "NO" to drugs program

This is great during Red Ribbon Week

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Anti-bully Magic Program

Stop Bullying.jpg

The anti-bully magic program

This program helps stop bullying at school and supports your current anti-bully program 

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The Magic Inside

Star Anime Character

The Character Building Program

This program hits the keys to building a great character.  

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Image by Ivan Gromov

Tim Adamz is an entertaining and humorous magician who incorporates positive messages for students of all grade levels.  His performance captures the attention of all the students as he keeps them actively involved throughout his performance.  I highly recommend Tim Adamz for an assembly at your school.

Rick Schmitz


Charles J. Sahs School

Three Amazing Programs

Anchor 1

Just Say "No" Program


In this Assembly the students will learn about:


Never try drugs even one time.


Children think that trying something once will not hurt them.  We know that this just isn’t so.  We have to teach the Children that even trying something once can start their lives on a downward spiral or worse.  Len Bias, who never took a drug in his life, was a basketball player who just sighed a NBA deal, when one of his friends convinced him to try Cocaine.  Len died of a heart attack the first time he tried drugs.


It is vital that children learn to never try drugs even one time.  This one thing can save their life. 


 Do what you know is right.


Sometimes kids get caught up in following what their friends are doing.  In fact they become followers instead of leaders.  Now kids know what is right or wrong, so they must learn to be a leader and say No to drugs and alcohol.


“JUST SAY NO” program will plant the seed of how important it is to think for themselves and become leaders not followers.

Don’t take anything from strangers and don’t put yourself in a situation where drugs and alcohol are present.


Another fact:  many children get into trouble by just being in the wrong place.  They think they can handle a situation were drugs and alcohol are involved, but they fail more times then not.  Not because they want to fail, but because there is just too much peer pressure. 


This program will teach children how to handle those situations.  It will let them know that it is ok to leave if drugs or alcohol are present.

Investment for program: $495 (one show), $695 (two shows), $895 (three shows)

Anti-bully Magic Program

Anchor 2


Speak Up – Reach Out – Be a Friend

In this Assembly the students will learn about:


  • How to stop being bullied

    • Ignore the bully

    • Walk away

    • Tell an Adult

    • Telling is not tattling

    • Tell the bully to Stop

    • Hang out with friends

    • Don’t get upset – smile make a joke

  • How to help others being bullied

    • Stand up for the person

    • Make them your friends

    • Tell an Adult

  • Be a Friend

    • Befriend other children

    • Everyone can be your friend even if they look or act different

    • Stick together or Hang out

Investment for program: $495 (one show), $695 (two shows), $895 (three shows)

The Magic Inside Program

Anchor 3

Martin Luther King, Jr., said:

"Intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character,

that is the goal of true education."

In this Assembly the students will learn about:


  • Learn Character Traits of:

  • You can do anything if you put your mind to it – Goal Setting

  • You are in charge of your life – Responsibility

  • You can accomplish more if you work together – Cooperation

  • Your decision effect your outcome – Honesty

  • A failure isn’t a failure if you learn - Perseverance

  • Age appropriate – All the children will get to enjoy the show

  • Audience participation – Some of the children will be in the show

  • Educational Storytelling – These stories really drive home the message

  • Mind blowing magic – You will hear “how did he do that”

  • 40 minute show – The show is non-stop action

Investment for program: $495 (one show), $695 (two shows), $895 (three shows)

Call today to set up your next event:
773-426-5352 (cell/text)

Magicians Chicago

Looking To Hire A Magician in Chicago?
Here's some tips on planning a kids or adults party or event:

Chicago magicians – Why should I hire one for birthday party?


So you are all set to organize a grand birthday party for your kid. Have you included something to entertain your kid and his friends? Is there something that would keep the kids on their toes for a long period of time? If no, then you must think of something that will provide maximum amount of thrill to your kid and all the guests. What would be a better option than hiring a magician? Yes, hire the best magician in Chicago and you will see the difference with your own eyes. Children love magicians. Chicago is widely known for a wide variety of unique magic tricks played by some of the famous magicians. So what are you waiting for? Hire the best child’s magician in Chicago and you would feel proud of your decision later.


If you are still not convinced, here are some of the best tricks and magic ideas, Chicago magicians will set into make your kids’ birthday party rock:

a)      The reversed card:

A favorite trick of most Chicago magicians, this trick is also loved by most Chicago residents. The trick includes selecting a card and then placing it back into the deck. Thereafter, one needs to bring it out again. This time, the selected card is displayed reversed.

b)     The impassable corks:

The children at your kids’ birthday party will love this trick and even like to watch it again and again. It involves the Chicago magician holding two corks interlocked and then pulling them through each other. It is a super fast trick and a visual treat, especially to the children.

c)      The thumb trick:

It is an old magic trick and played by most local Chicago magicians for parties and birthday kids. This is also a superb trick and loved by kids. It includes pulling a thumb and then putting it back into place.

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