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"The Teaching Maic Show is great for children ages 8 and up..."

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The Teaching Magic Show

This is the perfect show for kids 8 and up.  Let’s face it when children reach 9 years old and up they no longer just want to see good magic, they want to learn it.  They love to fool other kids and their family. 


Bag of tricks


Each child will leave with a big bag of tricks.  That’s right they will have a bag to carry everything home in.  This will save you the trouble of trying to figure out who gets what.  Also the bags will have their name or picture on them so they know them from all the other bags.  This saves tons of time at the end of the party trying to figure out who each bag goes to.


What is in the bags


I have painstakingly gone through all the magic books, and selected the best tricks for kids to learn.  These tricks range from things they can do in seconds to things that require some practice.  They will be learning things like the incredible mind reading crayon trick, the vanishing coin trick, the amazing mind reading fish, and many more.  They will be glad they have the bag to put everything in.


I bring it all to you


That is right!  I bring everything for the learning.  Not only that, but the kids get to keep all the magic.  So, you see why those bags were important!  So all you have to do is sit down and relax.


Mini show included


Every learning magic show is like two shows in one.  As I show them the trick it is done in a very entertaining way.  This gets the kids very excited about learning the tricks, heck even the adults want to learn. 


          Also I perform some effects that will not be taught at the show.  So you get the advantage of having a real live magic show and learning how to do the tricks, two of the things kids love!!


Your Child is the Star


Even thou this is a magic teaching show, your child is still the STAR of the show.  So they get to help me out the most and they also get to help produce a live rabbit at the end of the show.  This is great and you should see the look on their face when they make a live rabbit appear. 


Elementary School 
Birthday Party

Magicians Chicago

Looking To Hire A Magician in Chicago?
Here's some tips on planning a kids or adults party or event:

Chicago magicians – Why should I hire one for birthday party?


So you are all set to organize a grand birthday party for your kid. Have you included something to entertain your kid and his friends? Is there something that would keep the kids on their toes for a long period of time? If no, then you must think of something that will provide maximum amount of thrill to your kid and all the guests. What would be a better option than hiring a magician? Yes, hire the best magician in Chicago and you will see the difference with your own eyes. Children love magicians. Chicago is widely known for a wide variety of unique magic tricks played by some of the famous magicians. So what are you waiting for? Hire the best child’s magician in Chicago and you would feel proud of your decision later.


If you are still not convinced, here are some of the best tricks and magic ideas, Chicago magicians will set into make your kids’ birthday party rock:

a)      The reversed card:

A favorite trick of most Chicago magicians, this trick is also loved by most Chicago residents. The trick includes selecting a card and then placing it back into the deck. Thereafter, one needs to bring it out again. This time, the selected card is displayed reversed.

b)     The impassable corks:

The children at your kids’ birthday party will love this trick and even like to watch it again and again. It involves the Chicago magician holding two corks interlocked and then pulling them through each other. It is a super fast trick and a visual treat, especially to the children.

c)      The thumb trick:

It is an old magic trick and played by most local Chicago magicians for parties and birthday kids. This is also a superb trick and loved by kids. It includes pulling a thumb and then putting it back into place.

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